Howto install application servers supported in NetBeans IDE

Warning: Registering on IBM and server (prereq. for downloading WebSphere, WebLogic) can take a long time, so register in advance.

GlassFish v2

GlassFish 3.1

WebLogic 10

  • download from installator for Linux or Windows
  • before downloading you have to register


  • download desired version from
  • unzip it

WebSphere 6.0/6.1

  • download from websphere 6.1 Trial Version for Linux or Windows
  • again you have to be registered..
  • you will get .tar.gz file
  • unzip it -> ./WAS directory is created. This is installer application, it contains install script. Run it.
  • BE CAREFUL! Installation won't finish correctly if you are using "dash" as a default shell!
  • application server is created in specified directory - usually if you have specified "/space/WebSphere/" it will be "/space/WebSphere/AppServer/"


  • bundled in installer
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