NetBeans Ajax Doc Plan

This page lists the Ajax doc plan for NetBeans 6.5.

Users and Philosophy

We assume we're going after two types of users:

  • Newbies - not tied into any tool, just want to quickly get up to speed on the technology and make great-looking apps
  • Advanced - power-programmer that already knows Ajax quite well, is probably on TextMate, VI, or perhaps Zend Studio

The NB integration of Ajax toolkits is centered around wrapping the widgets with jMaki. We don't want to focus on that too much, just deal with the widgets as much as possible. We're teaching Ajax, not jMaki.

The main themes we want to hit are:

  • JavaScript editing
  • JavaScript debugging
  • Ajax monitoring
  • Ajax toolkit integration
  • Developer productivity and typical developer scenarios

Main Docs Deliverables

Online help (JavaHelp) will be minimal as always. Web docs will be as follows:

Priority Doc Name and Description Writer Engineering Contract Expected
P1 Ajax intro - general intro to Ajax that does not use jMaki. Teach basic JavaScript syntax, embedding Ajax in a JSP, XMLHTTPRequest, Ajax monitoring Troy Greg Beta
P1 jMaki Ajax Intro - basic guide to creating a simple Ajax-enabled web app using the components in the Ajax palette Lloyd Greg Beta
P1 JavaScript Editing Screencast - update Roman's screencast TBD Tor Beta
P1 JavaScript Debugging Screencast and Tutorial TBD Sandip Beta
P1 Prettying Up Your Web App - take a regular web app that is built in PHP/Ruby/Java and make give it a facelift using Ajax components Lloyd TBD Beta
P2 Ajax mash-up tutorial TBD TBD FCS
P2 Ajax CRUD Tutorial - create REST web services from database and consume using jMaki table component Jeff Ayub Khan Beta (6.1 version written)
P2 Creating an Ajax Text Field with Autocompletion (Woodstock & Ajax) James None Beta
P2 Creating a Dynamic Ajax Table James Arun Gupta Beta
P3 Doc focusing on using each of the toolkits, to be posted on the web sites for those toolkits TBD TBD FCS

Stuff We Still Need

  • Need more developer scenarios like CRUD and using an Ajax table.
  • Need to identify which Woodstock components support Ajax behavior and highlight those as well.
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