About Me

I'm a Principal Technologist at General Electric's Research and Development world headquarters in Niskayuna, NY, USA. I joined the NetBeans Dream Team in August 2008. Refer to this for more information- NBDT Current Members

My history with NetBeans

I started using NetBeans sometime around 5.0. At the time, it worked very nicely in the environment and technology stack I needed to work in. As NetBeans progressed throughout the different versions I grew more fond of it.

My NetBeans Books

Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition

Pro NetBeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition

My Blog Contributions

Suggested Improvements in the NetBeans Struts File Templates

NetBeans 7.0 Milestone 1 - SQL Editor Save As Feature

JavaDoc Analyzer in NetBeans 6.1

Experimenting With JavaScript Supportin NetBeans 6.1

Reviewing the NetBeans Unit Test Code Coverage Plugin

Consuming Zillow Web Services in NetBeans

Sharable Libraries Feature in NetBeans

Adding Profiling Points in NetBeans

Future plans

I plan on continuing to post on my blog and promoting NetBeans.

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