Ada Plugins for NetBeans



(Planned) Features:

  • Support for editing Ada files
  • Syntax highlighting (Ada 95 only)
  • Semantic Analyser (Ada 95 only)
  • Structure Scanner (50%)
  • Version highlighting
  • Code Completion (0%)
  • Code Folding (50%)
  • Indexing (30%)
  • Refactoring (0%)
  • Formatting/Indenting (50%)
  • Ada Platform support
  • GNAT platform (85%)
  • JGNAT platform (50%)
  • Green Hills Ada platform (0%)
  • TBD...
  • Ada Project support
  • Create new Ada project (90%)
  • Create new Ada project from existing sources (90%)
  • Create Ada file from templates (new package specification, body and others) (90%)
  • Default options (5%)
  • Clean/Build/Run/Debug (75%)
  • TBD...
  • Ada Debugger support (0%)
  • Support for Unit Testing (0%)
  • Support for code documentation (0%)
  • C/C++, Fortran integration support (0%)

Get Started

Plugins for Ada are CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Here is an overview of what you can currently do with Ada in NetBeans IDE, as well as instructions for getting started.

There is two ways to get started with Ada plugin for NetBeans:

  • From Netbeans 6.9 Plugins manager:
  1. Open NetBeans 6.9, go to "Tools" -> "Plugins", click on "Available Plugins" tab title, you can find the "Ada" category (or, you can click on "Name" in "Available Plugins" tab to find them. You may need to click "Reload Catalog" to get the latest available modules), check "Ada" and click "Install", following the instructions. Restart IDE.
  • From Netbeans Plugin Portal:
  1. Get the NetBeans 6.9 or later version from:
  2. Get the Ada plugins beta binary from:
  3. Unzip Ada plugin binary to somewhere
  4. Open NetBeans, go to "Tools" -> "Plugins", click on "Downloaded" tab title, click on "Add Plugins..." button, choose the directory where the Ada plugins are unzipped, select all listed *.nbm files, following the instructions. Restart IDE.

Bugs, Futures and Support requests

Go for to communicate bugs, futures and support requests.

Source code

All source code is available at: under folders:

  • ada.editor
  • ada.kit
  • ada.options
  • ada.platform
  • ada.project
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