The Swing Application Framework defines a central location to store and manage actions. It supports locale specific properties for actions, just as it does for other resources like label text. The framework also allows actions to be synthesized from methods using an annotation and a dependency injection process.

There will be to ways to access and edit the actions defined in an application. First by editing the action property of a component, and second by using a view that lists all actions in the entire application.

Action Support Use Cases

Known issues with current proposal

Mockup of ActionPropertyEditor

Mockup of the global Action list

Notes from 11/15/06 Meeting

Rework of the ActionPropertyEditor with feedback from xDesign

Use cases for the global action / resource editor

Further notes on the ActionPropertyEditor with feedback from Coleen and Hans and Tomas

2007-01-02 refinements

2007-01-05 updates to the global action list

2007-01-10 refinements Hans' sentence summary

2007-01-11 summary a summary of all outstanding issues for just the action property editor itself (not the global action list)

2007-01-16 meeting notes notes on the global action list design meeting

2007-01-18 global action list proposal

2007-01-23 status of the action property editor

2007-02-08 global action list use cases

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