known bugs

the scanning will pick up the method name of the annotated methods, which is not the right id to use if the annotation specifies a name parameter

the scanning is picking up annotations twice

open questions

the action editor and related features seem to work only in "desktop applications". What about class libraries?

do we need a made up locale for people to test with?

how do we change the default locale for running an app?

can we change locale while running the app? force a ui refresh?

could we drop the mnemonic field

could we have a combobox in the property sheet to list all available actions for quick access, rather than the full property editor (what goes in this dropdown?)

should we show all actions in entire project or just in application class and current form. there are performance issues with scope. is there any cascading involved? do I get the application class if i pass in null

where does the exit action live? Action maps appear to be by class. What class is the exit action bound to? Right now I'm seeing it bound to null, but that could be a bug in our search script

what happens when you do inline editing of a button that already has an action on it

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