A list of possible further development of apisupport in NetBeans.

NetBeans Next

In 6.8 apisuppport was in maintenance mode (and still is), so no big enhancements were made. For next release, UI for META-INF/services and XML layers probably needs to be adapted to growing number of annotation-based registrations. Better UI for META-INF/services and XML layers - state of <this layer> and {<this layer in context>} nodes in project view is unsatisfactory after annotations.

  1. Generated layer entries are displayed only after module is compiled (or not yet at all, see Issue 161884).
  2. Context menu allows only to go to defining layer.xml entry and not to source annotation.
  3. Does not allow creating new entries/services via UI
  4. META-INF/services nodes disappeared without replacement (Issue 152675)
  5. Caching of XML layers still doesn't work for NB.org modules

If more development of apisupport is possible, another area of focus can be to simplify building desktop clients on top of NetBeans Platform to various enterprise servers, ie.:

  1. add Java Persistence support (already proposed for 6.7)
  2. add wizard for creating RCP-based J2EE appclient

Also there are some performance-based fixed long needed: Issue 166997, Issue 173109, Issue 161884.

NetBeans 6.8

1. Unfinished, Voted for and Other Preferred Enhancements

  1. Get tests into stable state Issue 61014).
  2. Moved to #NetBeans Next
  3. Suite-chaining for Standalone modules - follow-up of Issue 152960
  4. JPA support for apisupport projects - New Entity Class... etc. Frequently asked about, useful especially for RCP app developers. Currently must be worked around by putting entity classes into J2SE library project and wrapping it (see Issue 146402), which is clumsy.
  5. Branding editor
    1. Branding layer editor (Issue 152804)
    2. Branding icon (Issue 148986)
  6. Backlog of smaller but important enhancements
    1. CoS for tests (maybe even modules - would need changes in module system) (Issue 141246)
    2. Fix Unused Deps (Issue 73741)
    3. JMX support (Issue 69773)
    4. Execution/debugging of a single test method (Issue 142763)

2. Other Nice-to-Have Features

  1. Public API for working with layers and manifests - may be helpful in passing apisupport development to community
  2. Visual editor of menus, toolbars and windows (related to branding editor in #1.5)
  3. Modules/projects/clusters dependency visualization with graph path search. Would help with "How does module X get to my classpath?", etc. questions. Graphically similar to Maven dependencies.
  4. Provide UI for other project features (more wrapped libraries, jar-excludes, run args., ...TODO IZ list)
  5. Other P2 enhancements
  6. Add module dependency (caching, code hint on unknown class, ...TODO IZ list)
  7. More templates (TODO)

NetBeans 6.7


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