Ajax Usability Study


Usability Post-Portem

  1. Client Side Debugging is near impossible to find.
  • Should the default be on?
  • Should they always be on? (i.e. should the option to select CS/SS debugging be there at all?)
  1. Progress Bar While FireFox Is Coming up or finished is confusing for the user because there is nothing in progress at this time, it's only waiting for the user to configure the browser.
  2. Bundle Firebug. The user should not have to go find it.
  3. Sign our extensions.
  4. Can't set a break point bug.
  5. Pause debugger feedback - message in status bar is not sufficient
  6. Set View Function Default Off ( see compare it again with Firebug )
  7. Hover over element should not require highlight for more complex elements.
  • Figure out Expression Context
  1. Check if Firefox can jump back & See if we can push in mods.
  2. Debug URL is difficult to find.
  3. It was difficult to tell that the Debug URL is working. Maybe offer option to stop on first line.
  4. Use the Console more.

Additional Thoughts:

  • not showing by default "arguments.length" and "arguments.callee.length" by default?
  • Using default Browser Settings?


Debug URL

  • Sandip to submit proposal
  • Use dialog box to determine if the user want to use Server Side or Client Side Debugging.. Governed by "Remember my selections checkbox." Client Side Debugging in on by default. If Server side is already switched off and if it is deselected, disable the okay button. Include notice that they need to have at least one selected. Also note at bottom of the dialog box how they can set the setting without this dialog.
  • #140840
  • Owner: Sandip

Progress Bar

  • Remove the progress bar.
  • #140822
  • Owner: Quy

Bundle Firebug

  • Completed
  • Owner: Sandip

Sign our extension

Bug for Debug

  • #140828
  • File Bug: Javascript Drill Down
  • Owner: Joelle

Pause Debug

  • Add notification to the Console. - #140829
  • Qualify what we will do the future. FUTURE - #140830
  • Owner: Sandip

Local Variables View

  • M2:Functions should be turned off by default. #140831
  • FCS: Turn off Arguments.Length #140832
  • Owner: Sandip

Expression Hover

  • #140834
  • If we get an answer from Tor, there is a tooltip annotation the we will shoot for Beta
  • Owner: Deva

Fix and Continue

Debug URL

  • Add more info to Console for Beta #140836
  • Open HTML source for FCS #140837
  • Owner: Sandip

Using Default Browser Settings

  • #140838
  • P3 - If they have NOT selected a usability debugging browser, we will offer a dialog that shows them the a commbo-box of ones they have that we support.
  • Owner: Quy

Anonymous Function Name

  • #140839
  • More research to be completed - Joelle will look at while looking at FF3.
  • Owner(s): Joelle & Deva
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