Autocomment Tool Replacement

We have intended to replace the AC tool for a long time due to its archaic UI and a weak linkage to the editor, where users usually want to edit source code. Changes in the Java model in NetBeans 6.0 forced us to drop the tool immediately and start to implement particular features that will replace the tool as resources permit. So NetBeans 6.0 contains basic editor hints to create or fix javadoc, and the long-awaited ability to [generate javadoc

skeleton|] on
/** + <Enter>

in the open editor as the first step. Of course, the Javadoc Search and the Show Javadoc were adapted to the new model as well.

As the next step we are going to implement code completion inside javadoc, javadoc formatter, import management integration and some kind of batch processing. The last mentioned feature is the most wanted according to comments and votes of issue #111463. The idea is to create an analyzer tool that would take a scope (project/package) where to run and a set of editor hints, not just javadoc, involved in analysis. You should be able to keep several sets of involved hints. As a consequence you get an overview not only about broken Javadocs, but also about unused imports, wrong code patterns, and so on. It is unclear yet if it will be a new tool or some kind of the Task List integration.

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