• should we have Hans' sentence at the top of the dialog to describe what this property will be set to.
  • should this sentence be editable
  • remove the large and small icon labels. it will be obvious which are which when the icons are set. when they are not we can replace the icon with text that some something like 'large icon' and 'small icon' or '16x16px' and '32x32px'
  • view source button doesn't work yet.
  • how should the 'new action', 'view source' and '?' buttons be aligned, given that the method signature can vary in width. does this make the dialog get bigger horizontally?
  • how do you delete an action from the action property dialog?
  • Should inplace editing of buttons set the text property of the button or of it's action (when using the app framework)
  • What should be the exact name and placement of a context menu item to set/edit the action property of an actionable component
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