Extend the chat & presence features of NB 6.7 (project chat rooms, who is online) to allow 1:1 chat and more presence of project members in the IDE. Make it easy to see and contact other people in the team. Offer list of team members when a person needs to be chosen (e.g. when assigning an issue).

The 1:1 chat would work in addition to the project-wide chat to allow private communication. The IDE would make it easy to contact other people in various context. Wherever a user name appears in the IDE (issue reports, commit logs, chat rooms), it indicates if the user is online, and can be clicked to start a chat with. The user should be able to see presence status and send messages to any other Kenai user, with some necessary limitations to prevent spamming and keep privacy.


1:1 Chat with member of my projects

User choose user from Roster and start chat.

1:1 Chat with any kenai user

Not supported

Presence information

Online status of member of my project should be visible in all places, where kenai user name is displayed and it must be possible to start 1:1 Chat with this user.



  • search history view
  • annotations in editor
  • browser dlg
  • search revisions dlg


  • search history view
  • incoming view
  • outgoing view
  • annotations in editor
  • revert dlg
  • backout dlg
  • strip dlg

Bug Tracking

  • List of Issues
  • Issue Details


Kenai-771: Automatic Roster Management

Note: Automatic Roster Management will not be implemented, we will workaround in the IDE - updating users' rosters on login. Need to be able to obtain the project members related to the user. http://kenai.com/jira/browse/KENAI-735


  • M1 (July 13th)
  • Feature Freeze (August 31st)
  • UI spec implemented
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